A. Use of the airport by persons who are not Pine Hollow Airport Association, LLC (the "Company") Active Members or Certified Recreational Users is prohibited, unless they are Guests of and given permission as provided herein
by an Active Member or Certified Recreational User.

B. A Guest may not own property in the Pine Hollow Recreational Development. It is the responsibility of Members or Recreational Users to inform his or her friends, relatives, business associates, etc. ('Guests") of the Pine Hollow Airport Operating Rules and to take corrective action when necessary.

C. Guests may not extend their invitation to any other party. Guests must park and tie down their aircraft on the property of the inviting Member whenever possible. No aircraft shall be parked on the landing strip or any taxi-way.

D. All inviting Members must familiarize their guests with the Pine Hollow Airport Operating Rules.

E. Other than transportation involving repair or maintenance of personal aircraft, use of the airport will not be permitted for any business purpose.

F. A Member inviting any group, club, or organization to use the airport must submit this request at least 30 days in advance to the Operations Manager of the Company and obtain authorization from the Pine Hollow Airport Association
Operations Manager. A Release of Liability and indemnification form must be signed and submitted by those attending to validate any authorization given. Unless included with the Release, each invitee must also submit a signed statement confirming that they have read, understand, and agree to the Pine Hollow Airport Operating Rules.

G. All users shall personally inspect the runway before each use and determine for themselves if the runway condition is safe for the type of airplane involved to land or take off. Each user and anyone accompanying a user of the
airport ASSUMES ALL RISKS inherent in landing or taking off at such an unattended facility.

H. Flight operation is intended to mean all operation of aircraft to, from, or on the pine Hollow Airport Property and in the airspace associated with the airport. The procedures to be used at the Pine Hollow Airport are those procedures set forth in the Federal Aviation Regulations ("FARs") for operation at any small airport. If there is any conflict between the FARs and any current or future procedures established at the Pine Hollow Airport, the federal regulations obviously take precedence.

I. All radio equipped aircraft shall announce their presence when entering the downwind leg of the pattern on 122.75 Mz. Also, radio equipped aircraft shall announce their departure prior to rolling onto the active runway on the
same frequency.

J. Standard landing procedure is to land to the west, coming in from the east, and taking off to the east from the west end of the runway. It is always the pilot In Command's responsibility to determine if unsafe flight conditions exist
and to take appropriate action to avoid unsafe conditions.

K. No golfers, pedestrians, or vehicles other than aircraft will be permitted on the airstrip at any time unless in an official capacity, as directed by the Operations Manager, or in an emergency

Airport Diagram